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About INNOVATION Dance Company

INNOVATION Dance Company

(Pre-Professional Company of Vaughan Dance Academy)


INNOVATION is a pre-professional dance company, whose mission is to provide an excellent dance education through structure, discipline and technique.  It is a place where both the students and instructors are passionate about dancing.  Our company is a place where dancers learn to win gracefully, lose gracefully, and express themselves through the art of dance.

Choosing Competitive

Does your child live for dance?  Is your child looking to push themselves creatively in a competitive environment?  If so, inquire about auditions at INNOVATION Dance Company.  At Innovation, we offer competitive dance in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap and hip hop.


Our company gives talented dancers an outlet to perform more frequently than recreational dance.  It allows dancers to train at an excelled pace, while exposing themselves to the progressive and exciting world of dance. Competing for INNOVATION helps dancers further develop their stage presence, receive feedback from professionals in the dance community, learn to compete while maintaining the highest level of sportsmanship and achieve their personal best alongside other driven dancers.


1 4-6 x x     x x
2 6-8 x x x x x x
3 8-10 x x x x x x
4 10-12 x x x x x x
5 11-13 x x x x x x
6 12-14 x x x x x x
7 14-18 x x x x x x


*Age of Levels is an approximate age. Placement is based on technique first, then followed by age and maturity.


Dance Troupe: Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary. Dancers who are part of dance troupe study all of these styles and compete all of these styles.

Tap Troupe: Dancers in this troupe study tap extensively.

Hip Hop Troupe: Dancers in this troupe study hip hop extensively.

*Levels 1 & 2 are not broken into troupe. Dancers who are part of Levels 1 & 2 will take ballet, jazz and tap. hip hop, lyrical & contemporary are optional.

*All dancers in company classes are competitive only.

*Dancers can be part of all 3 troupes or any combination of the 3.