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Parent and Student Testimonials

IDC - Hugs

"Where do I begin? It doesn’t seem that long ago that I sat in the studio with Mrs. Vaughan and her notebook signing up for Pre-dance classes. I came to Vaughan hoping my daughter would make some friends and have a little fun. I never in a million years expected to gain such a large, loving family as well. It has been our pleasure to watch our “gangly little girl,” become a graceful, young lady. You have all been an integral part of that experience, and I thank you for the time, talent, and “pearls of wisdom,” you shared with her along the way. As the parent of a teenage girl, I was appreciative of the gentle nudges and life lessons that reminded the girls of the importance of maintaining their “good graces” at all times. Dancing has been a wonderful experience for Sydney, and she has loved every minute of it, but when she looks back- I think it will be “you”, the teachers that she remembers the most, and all the special times you had together. I feel blessed that you have chosen to maintain the integrity and values your mother set forth when she opened her doors so many years ago. You have all done an exceptional job keeping the “love of the art” foremost in mind while continuing to move the business forward. I wish you many years of success and thank you once again for letting us be a part of this special “dance family.”   Linda Crombie - Parent of Sydney

"My girls have been dancing for 10yrs., but just starting their second season with the INNOVATION Dance Company. The INNOVATION teachers, families and dancers have welcomed my family and made our transition to a new studio so easy that  it feels like we've been here for years.  Teachers are passionate about dance and have elevated my girls' technique and dance performances. My girls and I have forged life-long friendships with the INNOVATION family that I am so grateful for.  The culture of a dance company is reflective not just dancers' performances but how families and dancers "perform" off stage and treat each other. The culture of INNOVATION is centered around family, respect for all,  and dance excellence." Kurt & Robin Kosiek - Parents of Kelly & Megan

"My daughters think of Vaughan Dance Academy as their second family! We have been a part of VDA for over 5 years and my dancer is thriving.  She has improved in technique, poise and confidence due to the encouraging instruction she have received at VDA.  The personal growth and sense of family at this studio will keep us coming back here for years to come.  I look forward to more years at VDA as I watch my daughter's dance skills exceed my expectations.  The instructors take the time to really know my child....I am grateful to have found such a positive company to enroll my daughter in!" - Joan Rux - Parent of Audrey

"We are very happy with our decision to send our daughters to Vaughan Dance Academy.  We were looking for a dance school with a great reputation in both dance and the community in general.  We wanted a school that focused on bringing out individual talents of a child.  Many schools we researched were more focused on strictly winning competitions than teaching dance.  With Vaughan, not only did we get an award-winning dance school but a school that moves beyond "winning competitions" and works on teaching the children how to love and enjoy what they do.   It is truly a blessing to have your children around teachers who not only want to be there but love to dance and sharing their talents.   These instructors become mentors and positive role models for these girls and boys.  In the past 10 years, we have watched our shy girls that liked to dance turn into strong girls that love to dance, are self-confident and have developed sincere friendships.   We see that confidence and strong work ethic in all aspects of their life - from school to dance to home.    Thank you, VDA and INNOVATION!"   - Jackson & Diane Brunsting - Parents of Evelyn & Charlotte

"At Vaughan Dance Academy I discovered my passion for movement. While I believe my inclination to express myself through dancing was innate, I know that the encouragement of my teachers at Vaughan's helped shape the kind of artist I am today. At VDA I learned that, yes, dance requires much diligence and determination, not to mention sweat. And I learned I find relentless joy in such hard work. My teachers at Vaughan's always supported me in the roles of dancer, choreographer and teacher--support that has given me the confidence to pursue my bachelor's degree, and will eventually bolster my decision to achieve my master's degree, in dance. They taught me, by example, to never give up on what I love most and inspired me, too, to share my passion with others." - Amy Jacobus - INNOVATION Dance Company Alumni
"We've been with Vaughan's for nine years and love them like family.  The instructors know how to bring the best out of the students with professional and caring instructions.   We especially like the fact that all the performances are always classy and tasteful.  We have three daughters that dance with Vaughan's with one in company and we wouldn't let our daughters dance any place else.  Thank you Vaughan's!"  - Nancy Mariotti - Parent of Amanda, Megan, Michelle and Missy
"I have been part of the Vaughan Dance Academy for more than 25 years – first as a dancer and now as a dance mom!  As a dancer, the studio was always fun and encouraging, making it a great place to learn and grow.  It made it an easy decision for me to register my own daughters at Vaughan’s when they wanted to dance!" - Karin Obman - Alumni and parent of Lexi and Jenna
"I have two daughters that have been dancing at Vaughan's for the past 17 and 12 years respectively.  I love how Mrs. Vaughan made them have fun and learn to LOVE dance.  Both of my daughters are pursuing dance degrees...and it CAN be done.  I feel like the Vaughan's are my family, and I don't know what I would do without them!  Amy is an honors dance major at U of Iowa, and Paige will be taking ballet in college when she graduates high school.  I couldn't be prouder or happier to be a part of Vaughan's.  ROCK ON DANCERS!" - Lisa Jacobus - Parent of Amy and Paige
"It was wonderful to work with these students.  They were enthusiastic and professional in the best sense!  I’m really looking forward to seeing them perform it.”-  Emily Stein - Ballet Professor and Ballet Faculty Coordinator at The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, pertaining to choreographing a ballet piece for INNOVATION Dance Company.
"I began my dance training at Vaughan Dance Academy at the age of four, then began dancing competitively with INNOVATION Dance Company at the age of seven. I competed with INNOVATION for eleven years absorbing versatility, practicing discipline, acquiring stage presence, building life-long friendships, but most of all, discovering my passion for dancing. Spending more hours at the studio than my actual home became habitual, and it was then that I knew I couldn't live without dance. I recently graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BFA in Dance Performance and I could not thank the faculty of VDA/IDC enough for introducing me to something I can now call not only my passion, but my career." - Paige Jacobus - INNOVATION Dance Company Alumni
"A few years ago we had to switch dance companies due to our old one closing. After searching for months, trying out classes, auditioning at different studios we decided to settle down at Vaughan Dance Academy where my daughter joined their competitive team Innovation Dance Company. Each day and each year goes by and I know 110% that we made the right choice. My daughter has grown so much not just in dance but in many other things including being organized and losing the anxiety that she used to have. The teachers are amazing here and make sure each girl gets the amount of attention and help that they need. They are there to listen to you and make you feel apart of their family. Recently I went through a struggle personally and each one of the teachers/directors made sure my daughter was okay. They offered to help in any way that they could to make sure she didn't miss anything. This studio is not just a company your son and/or daughter could dance with it is also a family that will make you feel so welcome and wanted. Amazing positive attitudes and a fun environment! Love being a part of the IDC Family!!" - Heather Fisher - Parent of Alyssa

"My daughter started with Vaughan Dance Academy when she was 5. I had no idea that when I signed her up for a ballet/tap class that it was going to turn into something so much more. My daughter was constantly asking me when dance class was. She was so excited to go weekly. The teachers were so positive, friendly and patient with my little that she absolutley fell in love with dance. After a few years with Vaughan my daughter became a member of Innovation Dance Company.  She took on more classes, was exposed to more teachers and made a larger commitment to her dance. Again, the instructors blew my mind!  The level of beautiful choreography year to year was amazing, the passion and drive the teachers instill in the students, the family that instantly happens between dancers and parents...it's absolutley unbelievable. My daughter has a passion for dance and is committed to it. This happened through everyone at Vaughan Dance Academy and Innovation Dance Company. " - Lisa Heemstra - Parent of Isabella

"My daughter started dancing at Vaughan when she was 9. Prior to this, she took classes at the local park district and left because she wanted more. Since coming to Vaughan, I have not only seen my daughter grow as a dancer, but, she has grown as a person. My daughter has the confidence and poise to help her feel strong about herself. I see how her time at Vaughan carries over to her life at school and home and all is strong and positive. I am forever grateful to the time and patience the teachers at Vaughan have given my daughter and her peers. They treat each dancer as though they are their own. They genuinely care about these girls, but, not only as dancers, they care for them as growing young men and young women." - Marcia Daily - Parent of Alexis

"Four years ago I signed my daughter up for her first actual dance class. It was one of the best decisions I have made. The teachers are amazing and my daughter has grown so much as a dancer! I can't imagine ever having her dance anywhere else!" - Michelle, Budin - Parent of Ana & Ashlyn

"My daughter started dancing at Vaughan Dance Academy when she was 10 and has loved it ever since! Our neighbors recommended it to us and we were so fortunate because we felt part of their family from day one. Vaughan is a wonderful family atmosphere with individual attention given to each child specializing on their talents with unbelievably talented, dedicated, highly educated and patient teachers! The teachers also make it really fun to learn to dance and your child's love of dance just explodes!! The music is wonderfully choreographed with a high variety of dance classes along with beautiful costumes showcased in an annual recital. I have watched my shy little girl grow and blossom into such a confident and determined young lady in these past 3 years and she has learned so many dance skills and made so many friends!! We are so blessed to be a part of such an outstanding organization! Thank you so much Vaughan Dance Academy!!" - Kristin Thompson - Parent of Mikaela

I have danced with Vaughan since the age of three and then competed with INNOVATION for eight years. The teachers made every dancer a part of their family and the studio became my second home. Everyone there is supportive of each other and very hardworking. The mission of the studio has always been to have fun while dancing and not just win awards at competitions. Training at the studio has allowed me to pursue a career in dance teacher education in college and I could not have done it without the faculty at Vaughan/INNOVATION, who always see the best in every dancer. - Georgia Kaminski - INNOVATION dancer alumni
My daughter started dancing here when she was 7. From the moment we tried our first class we knew that this was the place for us. The teachers are amazing! The are not only very talented dance teachers and chroeographers but wonderful people too! We love being a part of INNOVATION Dance Company! - Casey Straub - Parent of Kendra

A family owned dance company that truly cares for your family. - Bethany Lazzara - Parent of Lilly

My daughter comes from a family full of dance studio owners. Since we don't live close enough for her to dance with them regularly, it was very important for us to find a local studio where she felt as comfortable as she would with her own family. We absolutely found that with Vaughan. These teachers genuinely care about their dancers and respect that these are children they are working with. The prices are more than reasonable, the communication and professionalism is great. We really couldn't ask for more. - Tawny Quinn, Parent of Avery

My daughter has been dancing here since she was 6. She is now on the competitive team and loves all of the instructors and every minute she is there dancing. The instructors are very knowledgeable, we left another dance studio due to the lack of dance education she was receiving. We love Vaughan/INNOVATION and would not dance anywhere else!! - Tammy Figus - Parent of Kailey

This is by far an amazing studio!!!! The teachers are always there ready to teach. The dancers love attending and learn so much. I made the move after being somewhere else for 10 years. I have watched my daughter grow by leaps and bounds in just 1 season!!!! I am truly blessed to have walked through these doors. If you are thinking about putting your child in dance this dance studio is the best choice around!!!! - Kelly Reyes - Parent of MacKenzie

My daughter started at Vaughan Dance Academy at age 4 and moved over to their competitive team Innovation Dance Company at age 5. We have been here for over 7 years now. This studio is her second home and the instructors are her second family! She has learned so much more than just dance here! She has made friends that will be life long friends! The instructors have shared their passion of dance with her and made it her passion! We couldn't ask for a better and more supportive environment for her! We are so proud to be part of this amazing studio! - Stacey Werbach - Parent of Karlie

Vaughan Dance Academy is the best facility. Their staff is second to none! - Ritch Fisher - Parent of Stella