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Recital Policies

Ballet Production

INNOVATION Dance Company Annual Showcase

Sunday Feb. 25, 2018

INNOVATION Showcase: 11:00am-3:30pm

Waubonsie Valley High School


INNOVATION Dance Company Solo Showdown

Sunday Feb. 25, 2018

INNOVATION Solo Showdown 5:00pm-7:30pm

Waubonsie Valley High School


Vaughan Dance Academy Stage Rehearsal

Sunday May 20, 2018: 10:00am-8:00pm

Waubonsie Valley High School


Vaughan Dance Academy Recitals

VDA Recitals: Saturday, June 2, 2018

Show 1 – 11:00am (All Mommy and Me, Tiny Tot, Predance, HH 5-6yrs, Combos 7-9yrs, Single 7-9yrs, Boys Dance )

Show 2 – 3:00pm (Single 10-12yrs, Single 10-18yrs, Single 13-18yrs)

Waubonsie Valley High School


Recital Information& Policies - 2018

Costuming: You will receive a bill for your costume in October, due November 15th. Costumes for Tiny Tots, Predance, Hip Hop 5-6yrs and Boys Dance classes are $65.00 per costume. Any other costume is $80.00 per costume (exception: competitive costumes). Tiny Tots and PreDance classes will be purchasing one costume. Combo classes will be purchasing two costumes. These costumes will arrive in March. All alterations will be done by our seamstresses.

Recital Information Packets: You will receive a recital packet the first week in March that includes rehearsal schedules, recital schedules, ticket order form, video order form, picture order form and a copy of the recital policy sheet.

Schedule and Programs: Schedules of the Rehearsals and Recitals along with copies of the program will be emailed the first week in March for you to proof. Please read through the schedules and programs to make sure your student has enough time for costume changes and to make sure that your student’s name is properly spelled.

Tickets & Recital Fee: You will receive a ticket order form with your recital information packet. Ticket order forms are due by April 1st. Tickets are $13.00 per ticket. Recital ticket fees are not due until May 15th. If your child is a Mommy and Me or Tiny Tot and returning to the audience, they do not need a ticket is they are sitting on a parent’s lap.

Seating is general admission and first come, first serve. Get there early!

Costume Requirement Form: In mid-April, you will receive a Costume Requirement Form from your instructor. This form will give rehearsal and recital times for your class. It will explain how costumes, undergarments, make-up and hair should be for the recital.

Dress Rehearsal: Dress rehearsal will be in class mid-May and will be full costume, hair and make-up. Date of the in class dress rehearsal will be listed on the Costume Requirements Form.

Stage Rehearsal:This will be Sunday May 21, 2017 at Waubonsie Valley High School. You only have to attend your assigned class time, which will be in your recital packet. It allows the dancers to run through the dance a few times on stage before the recital. Regular dancewear will be worn to the dress rehearsal.

Professional Recital Videos/ Photography: We offer professional videos made of the recital that cost $35.00. Scheduled in early June, you have the option to have individual professional pictures taken of your student in their costume. At the recital, we will have group photos taken as the students come off stage. Videotaping is not allowed. You may take pictures from your seat. We ask that you do not use flash photography.

INNOVATION Showcase & Solo Showdown: If your dancer is thinking about auditioning for competitive dance with INNOVATION Dance Company, we highly recommend that you attend the INNOVATION Showcase (Groups, Trios and Duet) and the Solo Showdown (Solos Only) on Sunday February 26, 2017. Tickets for the Showcase are $15.00 per ticket and tickets for the Solo Showdown are $5.00 per ticket. Tickets will be for sale at the show.

Recital Etiquette:

  • Please check in all students to the Dressing Room before entering the auditorium.

  • You are not allowed to stand up and leave your seat during any routine. You are asked to only leave your seat during intermission. If you try to leave during a routine, a VDA staff member will ask you to sit back down. The only exception to this rule is if your child is in a Mommy and Me or Tiny Tots class.

  • Since your student is not allowed to return to the audience, we ask you to stay for the entire performance. Your student will be allowed to enter the auditorium after the finale.

  • Videotaping is not allowed. Photography is allowed, but you cannot leave your seat. This is to ensure that parents & siblings do not get in the way of our professional videographer and photographer. We ask that you do notuse flash photography – it can blind the performers onstage.

  • Only water bottles are allowed in the auditorium. No other food or drink.

  • Please turn off all cell phones prior to the start of the show.

  • Seating is first come, first serve. An usher will escort you to the next available seating. Reserving seats is not allowed.

  • Please clap after every routine.

  • Concessions, Raffles and VDA Apparel will be sold during the intermission. All proceeds go towards Nationals for VDA’s competitive troupe, INNOVATION Dance Company.

  • Raffle winners will be announced during the finale.

Performers: All performers will be required to stay backstage for the ENTIRE show – all acts (Mommy and Me and Tiny Tots students are the only exception, they can return to the audience after they perform). Parents are not allowed backstage for any reason. Each class will be assigned two helpers from our INNOVATION Dance Company levels 6 & 7. These helpers will be supervising their assigned class, changing costumes, leading performers backstage for their next routine and taking them for group pictures. The helpers will also plan activities to keep their class entertained backstage. A staff of five parents will be supervising helpers. These helpers will meet with the class& teacher to ensure that they know the requirements for their assigned class. Performers should come to the recital dressed in their first costume. Additional costumes should be organized so that class helpers will be able to easily help dancers change. You must label all costume items with student’s name as soon as you get your costume. Also, please make sure that you have included makeup and safety pins with the costumes. Dancers will be allowed to leave after the finale. At that time, they will receive a medal for participating in the recital. Please have them bring books and other items to help them stay entertained during their backstage time.