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Audition Information

2017-2018  Audition Schedule

Audition Location:

Vaughan Dance Academy/Innovation Dance Company
24116 W. Lockport St.
Plainfield IL 60544

Dates:   July 24th and 25th, 2017

Results will be emailed July 27th, 2017


Monday July 24, 2017: Levels 1-4, Room L2, Times as Follows:

  • Munchkin Troupe – Ballet/Jazz/Tap (Ages 5-7yrs) – 5:00-5:45pm,
  • Munchkin/Sprout Hip Hop (Ages 5-8yrs) – 5:45-6:30pm,
  • Sprouts Troupe – Ballet/Jazz/Tap (Ages 7-9yrs) – 6:30-7:15pm,
  • Mini/Petite Dance Troupe (Ages 9-11yrs) – 7:15-8:00pm,
  • Mini/Petite Tap Troupe (Ages 8-12yrs) – 8:00-8:45pm,
  • Mini/Petite Hip Hop Troupe (Ages 8-11yrs) – 8:45-9:30pm,
  • Solos start at 9:30pm (see sign-in sheet)


Tuesday July 25, 2017: Levels 5-7, Room L2, Times as Follows:

  • Junior Dance Troupe (11-13yrs) – 5:00-5:45pm,
  • Jr./Teen Hip Hop Troupe (11-15yrs) – 5:45-6:30pm,
  • Senior Hip Hop Troupe (14-18yrs) – 6:30-7:15pm,
  • Jr./Teen/Senior Tap Troupe (11-18yrs) – 7:15-8:00pm,
  • Teen Dance Troupe (13-15yrs) – 8:00-8:45pm,
  • Senior Dance Troupe (14-18yrs) – 8:45-9:30pm,
  • Solos start at 9:30pm (see sign-in sheet)


All students auditioning from another company must perform a 1-3 minute solo.


  • Munchkin/Sprouts: Black leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers, Black Tap Shoes, Hair Secured Back
  • Dance Troupe: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers, Jazz Shoes, Pointe Shoes (Juniors/Teens/Seniors), Hair Secured Back
  • Tap Troupe: Anything Comfortable, Tap Shoes, No Jeans
  • Hip Hop Troupe: Anything Comfortable, Gym Shoes, No Jeans


If you would like information about auditioning for Innovation Dance Company, you may contact Samantha Vaughan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.